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Everything About China you should know in 2020

Everything About China you should know in 2020 Image by  Tumisu  from  Pixabay   Each of those areas has their own passports, currency language and even government. Then you have the strange 6 economic zones, which, even though they do not have their own autonomy, they have flexible government regulation and free market policies that allow them to manage business transactions in a more liberal manner. These zones are cities along the coast and therefore the entire island region of Hainan, otherwise known as the Hawaii of China. Ha! Thought that was heavy? Now things are gonna get really ugly. Now, if there's one thing China knows the way to do, it's getting people's attention and not during a .. And a method to urge attention is by making territory disputes. Let's just get the most important one off of our chests -Taiwan.  It's called Chinese Taipei. Taiwan... is during a weird jurisdiction limbo with Chi

India & China- Military Comparison is on while clash of Army

India & China- Military Comparison is on while clash of Army The unclear border between India and China has been volatile within the better of times and over the past few weeks, things have only taken an uglier turn. In eastern Ladakh, a skirmish between the troops broke out as India accused China of violating the unresolved frontier and challenging and obstructing the Indian patrol party. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval are monitoring things and India has made its position clear – it'll still “defend its interests resolutely” and still build infrastructure on the brink of the boundary inside Indian territory. The Indian Army has moved its battalions of three Infantry Divisions, based in Leh, forward but the country is additionally trying to find a fast diplomatic resolution. Image byJai Bhutani from pixabay.com Significantly, Chinese President Xi Jinping also asked the People’s Liberation Army to proportion battle preparednes