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How to Study like a Topper

Studying is no more a pleasureIt's really very hard to focus on studies with the growing technology and aroused interests in the other social and vexatious developments.
Students face mere difficulty in balancing their studies and skills in accordance with the growing virtual world like facebook  twitter, etc
But everything in this world has a dark as well as a bright side. If we start making the best use out of these distracting things, then it would not really be a curse.

The term is known as "smart study" will definitely land a student to his dream place provided one works hard for it. In the era of technology, we need to process our thoughts develop our minds and work effectively, in order to bridge the gaps between dreams and hard work one needs to be mentally smart. We all use smartphones but I wonder whether have we ever had a thought of using smartphones to know what exactly the digital world holds for a student, how can it simplify one's life from the education …