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Politics And Political Theory


Politics And Political Theory
Today about two and a half thousand years ago this topic was originated in Greek of ancient times. This term of Indian language (politics) is the transformation of the word politics of English. The use of word politics as a scripture is not new. This word was first used by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He had named his book 'Polotics' related to the city state. On this basis, it is called the father of political science. This name seems to be appropriate considering the origin of this word. The word is derived from the Greek language 'Polis' and 'Polia' (Politia) means 'police' means city state and 'politiya' means citizens. In ancient Yunnan the city used to be a sovereign state. Therefore, 'politics' from this point of view is the science in which all the state related problems are studied. In modern times the use of the word 'politics' is not ready to treat political science as appropriate. According to ideology, according to the ideology, two forms of politics are considered as first practical politics and second rule, the word 'politics' is limited to that part of the work which is related to the actual operation of the work of the state. political Science

In the context of this name, the scholars have argued that under this topic, important topics like constitution, diplomacy, public administration, international relations and international law are studied. On this basis it is appropriate to give it the name of political science. The term Political Science was used by Godwin and Mary Well Stranded.

As far as science is concerned, that is the group of science knowledge, as the order is clear and hence there is a certain order in politics based on which we study this subject. In a clear definition of science, the famous political scholar, Gautil's opinion, is a science that is related to a subject that is classified and timed and classified based on duly trials and experiences. Hence all these elements are also found in political science. Political science is also a science based on this basis

Political theory

David Easton has given special emphasis on the role and importance of the theory in political science. It is credited to Easton that he first attracted political leaders towards the requirements of political theory. According to David Easton- "The construction of the theory is an essential condition for making political science a systematic science, and in its absence, politics is a person's personality." In the words of David Easton- "I will present the argument that the work or role of the theory and its Without the conscious information of the possibility, political research will be non-binding and discriminatory and the promise of your political science campaign Hn will not l

As a result of the political experimentation under the definition of political science, it was divided into two parts (1) theoretical politics and practical (2) solution experimental or experimental politics. Under theoretical politics, the basic problems of the state are studied. It implies that the origin, nature and purpose of the state is studied and the principles of political organization and administration are studied. In this way we can say that under the political theory, the principle of state (classification of different forms of creation, rule and sovereignty) government principles (types of institutions, executive, administrative and area of law and its limits, law related principles , (The purpose of the law and the process of law making, the nature and acceptance of the law, arrangement related matters Law) and the principle of state as an artificial person Facts (international law related to other states and humanitarian principles) etc. are studied.
Politics And Political Theory

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